Ice Ice Baby: Vietnamese Coffee Frappe

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I go out for Vietnamese food pretty often. (And by pretty often, I actually mean on a more-or-less weekly basis.)

Vietnamese Coffee Frappe

It helps that there’s a perfect Vietnamese dish for basically any kind of weather. Hot and muggy? Time to go get a big bowl of vermicelli and fresh vegetables topped with grilled beef. Cold and snowy? Time to huddle over a steaming hot bowl of pho. Rainy and miserable? Make that a steaming hot bowl of satay-style pho. Just an ordinary not-too-hot-not-too-cold-just-perfect day? Lemongrass pork chops on rice topped with a fried egg and drizzled with lots of sriracha, thanks.

And always, always, always, no matter what the weather or time of day… an iced Vietnamese coffee, a beverage that I love because it is a lesson in patience and a delicious treat all in one.Continue Reading

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Fell In Love With a Grill: Jerk Pork and Pineapple Skewers

There’s something beautifully ironic about hovering over a hot barbecue in the middle of winter, but that’s exactly how I spent a cold, blustery February evening earlier this year.

Jerk Pork and Pineapple Skewers

No, I’m not one of those crazy year-round grillers, though plenty of my countrymen (and women) will happily light up their grills even when we’re knee-deep in snow.

However, thanks to the Weber Grill Academy, I got to experience the joys of winter grilling in their state-of-the-art indoor training facility. It’s basically a barbecue enthusiast’s dream come true, filled with a dozen or so gas grills, charcoal grills, and even a couple of Smoky Mountain drum smokers.Continue Reading

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Ten Years and Counting: Anniversary Chicken with Saffron and Preserved Lemon

A week ago, the Mister and I celebrated ten years together.

In many ways it feels like we’ve been together forever, and in other ways, it feels like it was just last week that we were a pair of fresh-faced twenty-somethings all googly-eyed in love, but the calendar doesn’t lie… ten whole years.

Anniversary Grilled Chicken with Saffron and Preserved Lemon

We’re a little (okay, a LOT) greyer, a little bit fluffier around the middle, and we creak and pop when we stretch in the morning. And we’re still just as googly-eyed for each other.

I know we’re technically not supposed to celebrate our dating anniversaries now that we’re married (two whole years, as of today…. yay!), but this was such a big milestone that we couldn’t possibly let it go by uncelebrated.Continue Reading

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I’d Tap That: Spiced Maple Manhattan

Some people like to say you shouldn’t mess with a classic, but I’m convinced that that’s just because they haven’t had a Maple Manhattan yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me a proper traditional Manhattan, but there’s something downright alchemical about the way sweet maple and spicy rye bring out each other’s very best qualities without compromising on what makes the Manhattan such a damn fine cocktail to begin with… no fizzy mixers, no frou-frou umbrellas, no fruity neon-coloured liqueurs, no nonsense.

Spiced Maple Manhattan

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Manhattans in general. It’s entirely sentimental… where some couples have “our song”, but my husband and I like to think of the Manhattan as “our cocktail”. (We’re not alcoholics, I swear. We just love us some old-school cocktails.)Continue Reading

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