I’d Tap That: Spiced Maple Manhattan

Some people like to say you shouldn’t mess with a classic, but I’m convinced that that’s just because they haven’t had a Maple Manhattan yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me a proper traditional Manhattan, but there’s something downright alchemical about the way sweet maple and spicy rye bring out each other’s very best qualities without compromising on what makes the Manhattan such a damn fine cocktail to begin with… no fizzy mixers, no frou-frou umbrellas, no fruity neon-coloured liqueurs, no nonsense.

Spiced Maple Manhattan

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Manhattans in general. It’s entirely sentimental… where some couples have “our song”, but my husband and I like to think of the Manhattan as “our cocktail”. (We’re not alcoholics, I swear. We just love us some old-school cocktails.)Continue Reading

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Rhymes with Orange: Blood Orange Cannelés

Like most obsessive bakers, I have a bucket list of classic baked goods I’d like to try out before I head off to the big bakery in the sky.

Some I’ve already made – laminated dough for danishes and croissants, choux pastry for eclairs and creampuffs, frosted layer cakes, ice cream sandwiches completely from scratch, and I even turned out a half-decent batch of macarons thanks to a class taught by the macaron mistress herself, Mardi at eat.live.travel.write.

Blood Orange Cannelés

One I hadn’t tried yet was the classic French cannelé, a little pastry with a glossy crisp mahogany-brown exterior and a soft custardy centre that’s part popover, part cake, and all awesomeness.Continue Reading

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Kawfee Tawk: Mocha Cupcakes with Cappuccino Frosting

True confession time. I don’t particularly care for cupcakes. Yes, I know that they were all the rage about 15 minutes ago, but I’m totally on Team Donut when it comes to faddish desserts.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t particularly hate cupcakes, either. My problem is that enormous swirl of tooth-aching sweet frosting that most bakeries insist on using, as if an egregious quantity of buttercream will somehow compensate for a dry, subpar cupcake. When it comes to frosting, I’m firmly convinced that less is most definitely more.

Mocha Cupcakes with Cappuccino Frosting

What I do love, however, is coffee.Continue Reading

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Cherry Blossom Girl: Chocolate Almond and Cherry Granola

When I was growing up, one of the highlights of my week on hot summer days involved strapping on my sparkly jelly shoes, gathering up my hair into a big pouf using a fashionable scrunchie, clipping my high-tech yellow Walkman to my belt, and dashing to the corner store with allowance in hand to buy myself a treat.

(Yes, I really am that old. Now get off my lawn.)

Chocolate Almond and Cherry Granola

Like most kids in the neighbourhood, I had various strategies for maximizing the allowance to treat ratio.

Personally, I preferred to skip over the less desirable treats (namely, anything that didn’t contain chocolate) and go straight for  the good stuff – the biggest chocolate bar you could possibly buy with a single dollar bill.Continue Reading

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