Miso Happy: Kabocha Squash Soup with Miso and Maple

September was very kind to us this year.

Aside from one miserably rainy cold weekend (which, as per tradition, happened to coincide with the beginning of the Toronto International Film Festival), it’s been non-stop sunshine and balmy temperatures. If it wasn’t for the fact that the sun’s been setting earlier and earlier each day, I probably could’ve convinced myself that summer was planning on staying around forever.

Kabocha Squash Soup with Miso and Maple

October, on the other hand, is determined to set itself apart. Granted, it’s still a couple of days before we flip to the next page on the calendar, but the forecast is already shaping up to be cool, cloudy and most definitely fall-like.Continue Reading

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Buzz Buzz Buzz: Brown Butter Banana Donuts with Espresso Glaze for #NationalCoffeeDay

I don’t normally pay all that much attention to food holidays, mostly because they’re usually pretty weirdly specific.

Brown Butter Banana Donuts with Espresso Glaze

I mean, do we really need a National Strawberry Ice Cream Day? And if so, why the heck is it in the middle of January, when it’s dark and cold and everyone is still trying to stick to their new year’s resolutions, which means the last thing anyone wants is ice cream, strawberry or otherwise?

I am, however, more than willing to make an exception for National Coffee Day on September 29th, because if there’s one food group that I absolutely cannot live without, it’s coffee.Continue Reading

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Guest Post: Curried Turkey Waldorf Wraps

I may not have kids, but it’s hard not to get swept up into the back-to-school brown bag frenzy this time of year.

I mean, us big girls gotta eat lunch too… and who doesn’t love an excuse to pick up a cute new lunch tote?

Curried Turkey Waldorf Wraps

My biggest challenge when it comes to packing lunches is the fact that I’m not particularly fond of sandwiches, which rules out a large part of my possible lunch-making arsenal.

Thankfully, I’ve found lots of non-sandwich options I can throw into the rotation instead, like soups, calzones, grain or pasta salads, frittatas, and tortilla wraps. Continue Reading

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A La Recherche de l’Ete Perdu: Strawberry Lemonade Madeleines

Now that we’re well and firmly into September, I know I’m supposed to be turn the page on summer and start thinking about fall things like apples and cinnamon and pumpkins and caramel, but I couldn’t resist getting one last hit of summery flavours before I move on.

Strawberry-Lemon Madeleines

I’m spending my Labour Day long weekend in Rhode Island, filling up on as much of summer as I can. Big slices of watermelon, tacos by the sea shore, farmers’ markets and artisan fairs, and yes… even a beach day.Continue Reading

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