Twist and Sprout: Brussels Sprout and Bacon Pizza

It’s often said that the ability to compromise is essential in a relationship.

However, like most other essential things in life (including flossing every day, paying bills on time, filing your taxes, making your bed, and calling your mother every once in a while because she worries), it’s often easier said than done.

Brussels Sprout and Bacon Pizza

Thankfully, the compromises between me and the Mister have been few and far between, especially in the food department. I humor his weird obsession with street meat (as Torontonians fondly call the grilled hot dogs you can buy from vendors on the street), and he humors my belief that oatmeal is a delicious breakfast food as opposed to a good substitute for spackle.Continue Reading

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Spiced Pear Aebelskivers (Danish Pancakes)

Call me superstitious if you want, but I firmly believe my first sip of coffee is a sign of what kind of day I’m about to have.

Most of the time, my morning coffee is just as straightforward and ordinary as my standing order – one large coffee, one cream, one sugar.

Spiced Pear Aebelskivers

Some days, though, my coffee is bitter and burnt, or the coffee shop gets my order completely wrong. That’s when I know I’m in for a rotten mess of a day. The only way to rescue the day is to crawl back into bed, but since that’s usually not an option, I just take it as a sign that I should stiffen my upper lip and expect the worst.Continue Reading

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Catcher in the Rye: Pear and Rye Muffins with Dark Chocolate

I am many things – a compulsive stress-baker, a coffee fiend, a obsessive reader, a herder of cats, and a wearer of colourful tights.

Rye Muffins with Pear and Dark Chocolate

One thing I am not, however, is a morning person.

Most days, it’s a major achievement to make it out the door in time to catch the bus with matching socks and a semi-presentable hairdo. I’m as elegant and organized as this cat falling down a set of stairs.Continue Reading

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Spice Up Your Life: Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies

One of the best parts of being a grownup is not having to play by the rules when it comes to food.

Eat a slice of cake for breakfast? Sure! Eat your dessert first? Why not! Cook an entire pack of bacon for dinner? Damn straight.

Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies

Of course, I don’t actually do any of those things on a regular basis, which is probably a huge source of disappointment to my inner twelve-year-old, but at least makes my doctor very happy when I drop in for my annual checkup.Continue Reading

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