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Berry, Berry Quite Contrary: Raspberry Mojitos (and Mint-Lime Simple Syrup)

When we first bought our little house, a little over nine years ago now, we inherited a very badly neglected garden that was mostly weeds.

Over the course of our first year, we discovered a few hardy gems that had managed to hang in there: an ancient gnarly old lilac bush, several patches of bearded irises, two peach trees, a big hydrangea with poofy pink blossoms, and the sturdy nectarine tree that stands guard beside our front door.

Raspberry Mojitos

My favourite of all, though, is the little raspberry patch we discovered beside the garden gate. Somehow, it actually manages to thrive despite my slapdash approach to gardening, which falls somewhere between benign neglect and enthusiastic ineptitude. They keep coming back bigger each year, producing prodigious quantities of juicy bright red berries.Continue Reading

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Living the Sweet Life: Coffee Granita

If there’s anyone who knows how to life the good life, it’s Italians. They are, after all, the ones who coined the whole philosophy of la dolce vita, the one smidge of Italian almost everyone knows, even if they don’t speak a single word of actual Italian.

Coffee Granita

It turns out that Sicilians totally take the sweet life to a new level, though. Did you know they actually eat ice cream for breakfast?

(Yes, I know we’ve all done it at least once in the comfort of our homes, but you have to admire a culture where it’s actually acceptable to do it right in the open.)Continue Reading

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