Sunday Sevens: October 6th

Oh, hello there, October. Seems you snuck up on me while I was busy doing other stuff. This weekend’s leaden grey skies and a steady drizzle are sending an unmistakable message, though… fall is most definitely here.

Mmmm... Guacamole

1. Last Wednesday, I was invited to a fabulous Mexican dinner at Frida Restaurant by the lovely folks at Avocados from Mexico.
Chef Jose Hadad’s new-school Mexican menu included lots and lots of avocado, obviously, but he also worked in many other authentic Mexican ingredients, including arbol chili, tomatoes, tortillas, dulce de leche, and huitlacoche.
Yes, that’s right, I ate corn smut. Thankfully, it tastes way better than it sounds.
Stay tuned for a post later this month sharing my take on one of the dishes we ate, or just catch up on the deliciousness by checking out my Instagram feed from the evening (assuming you’re not already following, that is).

2. Ever wonder why popcorn is the archetypal movie snack? The Smithsonian’s got you covered.

Churros with Avocado Ice Cream

3. While I’m normally more of a coffee gal, this gorgeous (and surprisingly easy-looking) Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte from Foodie with Family would certainly hit the spot on a grey drizzly day like today.
It shall be mine. Oh yes, it shall be mine.

4. Speaking of chai, that’s what The Tiffin Box recommends you serve up with her Zucchini and Onion Bhaji. I’m guessing she’s not referring to the pumpkin-spice variety, but hey, stranger pairing have been known to work.

Pumpkin Doughnuts

5. Food News Journal is back! I’m so glad to see the ladies are back to their regular posting schedule after a long hiatus… check them out for a daily digest of great recipes, foodie news, and lots of other food-related goodies.

6. Forget ink blots and tea leaves. Guessing at what the symbolic meaning hidden in your bad latte art is way more fun. (Also, I totally want a Godzilla latte. Somebody please make this happen.)

That's a lotta apples

7. I’ve got the better part of 10 lbs of Honeycrisp apples sitting in my pantry right now, thanks to a brief detour to Mountain Orchards on our way home from Ottawa last week. Anyone have a favourite apple recipe to share?  I mean, aside from just slicing them up and eating them, which is still my favourite way to enjoy a fresh Honeycrisp.

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