Sunday Sevens: August 18th

It’s a lazy Sunday morning at our house – the espresso machine is warming up, the sunshine is streaming in, the cats are in a snuggly mood, and an appropriately mellow soundtrack is playing on the Sonos.

It’s a good way to work our way up to the rest of today’s schedule, which includes weeding the garden, putting up some kosher dills, starting on our post-wedding thank-yous, and some assorted housework.

Apple fritter and fresh peaches

Exciting, right? I know, envy me my fabulous life. But before I get to all of that, here are seven things I have to share this week:

1. I spent my day yesterday visiting the Kitchener-Waterloo area with a bunch of fellow food bloggers I first met at last spring at the Food Bloggers of Canada conference.
We checked out the St Jacob’s Farmers Market, and got a behind the scenes peek at Martin’s Fruit Farm and Herrle’s Country Market before wrapping up with an early dinner at Borealis Grille in Guelph.
My fridge is now bursting at the seams with local produce. Good things really do grow in Ontario!

2. Speaking of the St Jacob’s market, the apple fritters from The Fritter Co are still one of my favourite things in the whole world. The leftovers from yesterday’s excursion made a mighty fine breakfast this morning.

St Jacob's Market

3. My obsession with corn continues. I brought back a half-dozen ears from Herrle’s, some of which I’ll probably use to make this Summer Harvest Salad from Dine and Dish during the week.

4. This Buzzfeed post on Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog had me literally LOLing.

5. As I predicted, we blew through the entire second season of Homeland in three days. Now trying to decide what’s next… is Orange is the New Black as good as I hear it is?

Orchard at Martin's Fruit Farm

6. My little bean patch just produced its first crop of wax beans and haricot verts. Hurray!
First up (aside from just eating them raw out of hand, of course) is Nigella’s Green Beans with Pistachio Pesto. Anything else I should be making? I’ll be up to my eyeballs in beans shortly, so all suggestions are welcome.

7. We just splurged on a new (well, new to us) iPad. Any must-have food-related apps, e-books or e-mags I should know about? Please share!


  1. Rochelle says

    Ha! Love the 29 dogs :) Totally made my Wednesday morning!

    For your beans, might I suggest sauteing them in butter or olive oil with a couple cloves of garlic? Another is use a bit of sesame oil and soy sauce and garlic…. mmm so good!

  2. says

    I’m loving these Sunday Sevens, Isabelle! Such a fun little glimpse. Good luck with those thank yous – I remember that daunting task oh-so-well!

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