Friday Pin-Ups: A Sweet New Year

This weekend brings with it one of my favourite Jewish holidays: Rosh Hashanah, which marks the beginning of the new year.

(Of course, as the goyish half in my relationship, my exposure to Jewish high holidays is basically limited to showing up for Rosh Hashanah and Passover meals, so choosing my favourite isn’t exactly a hard decision. Challah always wins over matzoh, no question about it.)

A traditional Rosh Hashanah supper includes several symbolic foods that appear throughout the meal: apples and honey to represent wishes for a sweet new year, round challahs to represent continuity and the cycle of one year into the next, fish for fertility and plentifulness, and pomegranates for fruitfulness, among others.

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate, it’s certainly the right time of year to indulge in these delicious flavours, so I’ve picked out five gorgeous recipes to get you in the mood.

And for those of you who do celebrate, wishing you a very sweet new year. L’Shana Tova!

Mizuna, Pomegranate and Persimmon Salad (Scandi Foodie)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Apple Cider Baked Chicken (Gimme Some Oven)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Apple and Honey Challah (Smitten Kitchen)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Apple and Goat Cheese Tartlets with Thyme Honey (Seven Spoons)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Barely-Done Brownies with Pomegranate Seeds (Licking the Plate)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest


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    Hope you two had a lovely holiday! I’m not Jewish by any stretch, but I always feel compelled to bake & share traditional foods with my Jewish friends who don’t cook/bake. Methinks I should just find me a nice Jewish boy to cook for :) In the meantime, I finally befriended someone who observes AND cooks so I’m swapping my Smitten Kitchen apple honey challah for some sweet kugel. It’s a sweet new year already!

  2. says

    Enjoy the holiday Izzy. I really want to try making challah one day. We should attempt one together when we visit at some point.

    Everything looks delish but those brownies are making me want to run into the kitchen big time.

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