Friday Pin-Ups: We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Yes, I’m a little late with this edition of Friday Pin-Ups… but when it’s sunny and 20C in Toronto for the first time in weeks, can you really blame me for wanting to soak up some sunshine instead of sitting indoors looking at my Pinterest account? Yeah, didn’t think so. :)

I may have even indulged in my very first ice cream of the season. (Okay, not quite ice cream… a fat-free, low-calorie “frozen dairy product”, because I still need to shake those last 20 lbs sitting on my hips and butt, but I still enjoyed every damned bite of it.)

So in honour of sunny days and frozen treats, here are five lovely ice-cream themed pins that caught my eye.  Thankfully, it’s still impossible to absorb calories just from looking at a picture, because otherwise I’d be in biiiiiig trouble!

Cherry Almond White Chocolate Ice Cream (Hot Polka Dot)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Black Tea Blackberry Sorbet (Honey and Jam)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Brown Butter Ice Cream (Always with Butter)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Panini Press Waffle Cones (Just a Taste)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest

Root Beer Float Popsicles (Pass the Sushi)

Source: via Isabelle on Pinterest


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    Th kids are coming next weekend. I have frozen blackberries in the freezer so I see this making a delicious appearance.

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